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Gait Analysis

Have a health professional provide you with personalized feedback on the biomechanics of how you walk.


What is Gait Analysis?

An overview of this specific therapy, explained in a way that is comprehensive and concise.

Gait analysis is a careful evaluation of the key components of how you walk. This analysis includes walking during normal and high activity periods, with corrective therapeutic recommendations. The process of analysis is a simple visit with a certified physical therapist who will evaluate how you walk while making suggestions to help improve the biomechanics of your daily gait, your gait at work, and your gait while performing sporting activities. Evaluations of larger muscle group strength and efficiency, leg length discrepancies, and foot placement or alignment will be made with the intention to normalize your gait and limit the stress on other parts of your body.   


How is Gait Analysis Performed?

Get a better understanding of the procedure and what to expect during treatment.

A board certified orthopedic surgeon will begin by evaluating your overall condition with the help of a physical exam and your medical history. Next, a careful evaluation of your gait will be performed. If it is found that you have a deficiency which can be corrected by our specialized therapists, a prescription for this form of therapy will then be written.

You will be scheduled for your official gait training evaluation with one of our fully certified and experienced physical therapists or athletic trainers.  At this visit, the therapist will perform some basic strength and gait evaluations and provide you with a written plan of suggestions to improve your overall alignment during both walking and sporting activities. It’s important that patients practice the exercises and use the inserts or braces suggested by the therapists if they wish to reap the full benefit of therapy.


How Long Does Gait Training Take & How Much Does It Cost?

Know the cost and time commitment this procedure requires before you book an appointment.

Normally, there are one or two visits involved.  Patients are evaluated by a certified physical therapist who will take them through a series of tests and observations, and simple written evaluation is performed regarding key components of their gait. Altogether, this should take less than one hour.   

If you have physical therapy covered by your insurance plan, you may only owe your standard copayment or deductible. However, if you choose gait training as part of one of our comprehensive cell based therapies, there is no additional charge.


Is Gait Training Effective?

The reasons behind what makes this treatment safe, effective, and suitable for you.

Yes - multiple peer reviewed journal articles reveal that gait training can help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis ¹.  In addition, performing strengthening exercises of muscles away from the joint with arthritis, such as the butt muscles of the hip, can improve your recovery ².


Footnotes & Further Reading

Read the cited studies and texts that helped inform our knowledge on the effectiveness of cellular healing.

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