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Customized Treatment Combinations

Customize treatment modalities to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Treatment plans tailored to you

New call-to-action Every person who walks through our door has a unique set of symptoms, conditions, situations and goals. We listen carefully to your goals and the unique pattern of symptoms as well as your social situations and prior commitments to design a customized program to fit your unique goals and conditions. We can modify and combine therapies in endless combinations to set up a one of a kind treatment plan to fit your goals and your special situation. Our goal is to design a plan which fits your goals like a custom-made glove. We call this CTC (Customized Treatment Combinations). What follows are a few examples of our CTC programs.

1: Rapid Treatment Program

Patients whom may have mild to moderate arthritic symptoms and have no symptoms of tears of the meniscus or ligaments and are very busy with work, family and social commitments but have a goal of long term pain relief might do best with a simple, basic and cost effective bone marrow derived stem cell treatment which includes:

  • Single office visit for bone marrow aspiration and injection
  • Home exercise program
  • Simple heel wedge inserts to off-load the knee
  • Nitric Oxide supplementation at home
  • Follow up in 3 months

2: Customized Multi-Joint Program with Conscious Sedation

Patients with multiple painful joints and tendonitis with moderate to severe arthritic symptoms along with a fear of needles might do best with a customized program of injections to the multiple joints and tendons with a combination of bone marrow stem cell injections to the joint as well as the bone on either side of the joint while under a general anesthetic or conscious sedation so the patient may never feel anything:

  • Boarding at outpatient surgical center with board certified anesthesiologist for conscious sedation and complete relief of pain.
  • Regional anesthesia with long lasting local anesthetic to reduce post procedure pain.
  • Placement of concentrated and aspirated bone marrow stem cell therapy into the bone of the joint as well as the joint itself to both knees and shoulders.
  • Injection to painful tendonitis while under an anesthetic.
  • Personalized physical therapy for gait training and muscle strengthening.

3: Frail Elderly Patient with Arthritis and Balance Problems

Arthritis pains? Read our eBook on options for your arthritis now! Patients whom are having problems with safe ambulation and moderate to severe arthritic symptoms of their knees might benefit from a multi-faceted therapy program combined with stem cell therapy as well as optimization of their nutritional deficiencies.

  • Gait analysis and training with a physical therapist
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) for improved balance, endurance training and muscle strengthening
  • Nitric Oxide testing and supplementation
  • Use of our synergistic joint builder supplements
  • Multi-locked laser treatments to the painful joints to allow for participation in therapy
  • Off-loader knee brace to provide added stability
  • Pre-stem cell injection with platelet rich plasma-leukocyte rich formulation
  • Bone marrow stem cell therapy to both knees
  • Post platelet rich plasma injection to accelerate healing

Customize your treatment today

As you can see, our Customized Treatment Combinations (CTC) allows endless combinations to fit every patient’s specific symptoms, conditions, social situations and goals.   We can design a CTC for you or a loved one by just scheduling a free phone consultation or call us at 810-299-8552.