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How to prepare for Enhanced PRP

Find out how to easily prepare for our enhanced PRP and live a healthy lifestyle.

Components of Enhanced PRP 

Cellular_Healing2Enhanced PRP uses the natural benefits of hyaluronic acid ( HA) together with the growth factors found in Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP) . Hyaluronic Acid  is a gel that can be injected into your joints.  Some trade names of these injections include Orthovisc™, Monovisc™ or Supartz™.  This is chondroprotective supplement that helps restore the fluid in your knee to its normal natural state.   When you develop osteoarthritis, the fluid in your knee becomes very thin. When the fluid is thinned, it does not allow the cartilage to receive its natural nutrition through fluid motion and this can accelerate the degeneration of the cartilage.  In addition, the thin fluid provides decreased shock absorbing properties, which can also accelerate the wear of your cartilage. Other studies have demonstrated its ability to help with the regenerative process by stimulating cell migration and reducing scarring and repairing damaged tissue.   The exact number of injections required varies from patient to patient and can be either 1,3, 4 or 5 injections depending upon your condition, social obligations, travel distance and even your insurance coverage.  Modern science has been able to reproduce hyaluronate from the plume of roosters (thus, if you are allergic to poultry or eggs, you should inform us and we can change the brand of the injection to avoid allergic reactions).  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is found in the natural healing cells called platelets within your own blood.    During just  one of your sodium hyaluronate injections, we will combine the healing growth factors from your own blood found within the platelet portion of your plasma.   This will be customized to your specific condition which will be determined by your physician and provide the added growth factors to this process. Please follow the directions below to properly prepare for these injections. 

Preparing Your Body 

Congratulations!  You have chosen one of the best regenerative treatments for arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis.   This process utilizes your body’s own natural healing growth factors combined with the cushioning and lubricating properties of hyaluronic acid  to help your body heal itself. However, this is not a stem cell procedure and it will not regrow any tissue, tendons, cartilage, meniscus or muscle.   To optimize these results, please follow these simple suggestions to not only optimize the cell process but also your general health: 

  • Read all the material provided to you regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan.  This may include the Ten Steps to Healthy Joints (also available on our web site) and you should commit to ancillary therapies to enhance your healing such as:
    • Goal setting 
    • Exercise - just 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. 
    • Weight control 
    • Proper shoe wear 
    • Nutrition 
      • Have your nitric oxide levels measured (it’s free!) 
      • Take combination glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and MSM. 
      • Eat a Mediterranean diet.

Set the Dates 

Make sure you have the date and time of your combined Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with your Hyaluronic Acid Injection marked in your calendar.   This can be given during any of the injections and takes at least an additional 30 minutes of time.   Place these dates in your personal calendar and highlight the date for your PRP injection because you will have to do some extra preparation at least one week prior. 

Check your medication list and supplements 

Stop any medications or supplements which are listed in the PRP Handout  at least one week prior to the  PRP treatment date.  These normally include : 
    • Aspirin 
    • Anti-inflammatory medications ( Motrin™, Aleve™, Excedrin™) 
    • Supplements and vitamins listed on the PRP sheet. 
    • You CAN use Tylenol™ or Traummel™ Cream or our natural anti-inflammatory preparation available in our office. 

Prepare for the PRP Day 

Again, check for the date of your PRP treatment and here are some simple suggestions:

  • Hydrate- Starting a day or so prior to your PRP treatment date, start drinking plenty of water.   Avoid drinks that may dehydrate you such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and cola.   This helps us obtain the blood necessary for the PRP.  
  • Driver-  Most people can easily drive the day of the procedure, but feel free to bring someone with you if you want someone to share your experience. 
  • Extra Time- Plan on an additional 30 minutes for the PRP treatment date as we customize the treatment for your specific condition. 
  • Clothing- Wear  comfortable,loose fitting clothing for easy access to your veins and joints. 
  • Plan on Rest-  Plan on resting the day of the procedure, but return to almost all normal activities within 24 hrs.  You can go back to your exercise program within 24 hrs. 

How Long Before Noticing a Change? 

Most people start to notice improvements around week 6-8 but you may either take longer or sooner to notice a difference.   Adhering to other treatment plans such as exercise and nutrition can help with the healing.

More Information 

We are here to answer any questions or concerns.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at 810-299-8552.  You can read more information about enhanced PRP by subscribing to our blog page which we update frequently.