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What’s So Special About Cellular Healing Custom Platelet Rich Plasma

How Cellular Healing excels in the treatment of most orthopedic conditions with customized Platelet Rich Plasma.

What’s So Special About Cellular Healing Custom Platelet Rich Plasma?

Cellular_Healing6By: Edward G. Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO

What Makes Our PRP Special?

There are many differences between Cellular Healing and other clinics, but there are three basic treatment differences which set us apart:

1. Customizing PRP. Not all orthopedic conditions or patients are the same. Many physicians who do not fully understand this therapy use one single formulation to treat all orthopedic conditions. This would be similar to treating all infections with penicillin; yes, you may be successful some of the time, but not as successful as you should be! For this reason, the team at Cellular Healing will look at your specific condition and tailor a customized PRP treatment protocol to meet your unique needs. Only Dr. Loniewski offers customized platelet rich plasma treatments tailored to condition specific requirements, and our staff is trained in at least four different PRP methods. We use different temperatures, spin speeds, spin times, and extraction techniques to enhance certain growth factors and reduce other harmful components. The fact is, no other center in the area offers these options.

2. Enhancement of the healing response. The team at Cellular Healing can properly prepare you for the optimal treatment with clear guidelines and protocols. We also offer complimentary treatments to optimize your healing response. These treatments include low level laser, whole body vibration, homeopathic injections, nutritional testing, and good old-fashioned TLC!

3. Experience. Dr. Loniewski has more experience with platelet rich plasma than any other physician or health center in the Midwest. He has completed over 4,000 PRP procedures since 2005 and has acted as a consultant for many companies developing this technology. He has conducted research on the use of platelet rich plasma for use in joint replacement surgery, as well as arthritis of the knee. Dr. Loniewski has been a nationally recognized expert in this area over the past decade, and recognizes what conditions will respond to this therapy. Most importantly, he recognizes those conditions which may not respond. Using his extensive knowledge and unparalleled concern for patient care, he can determine which form of PRP is the most appropriate treatment to optimize your outcome.

How Much Do Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments Cost?

Although there is substantial evidence that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is safe and effective, there is not currently a Medicare procedure code for this treatment. As such, no standard insurance carrier covers this procedure.

If you have a health sharing plan such as Medi-share™, PRP may be covered as the cost of this procedure is much lower than other therapies. Most health sharing plans are affiliated with a religious organization, and you must choose this rather than Affordable Care Act (ACA) sanctioned plan. In addition, if you have a health spending account, the expenses associated with this procedure may be offset by these accounts. Cellular Healing is constantly looking for methods to reduce treatment cost while improving the outcomes of this procedure. Overall, our costs have been reduced substantially over the past few years, and we are proud to have some of the lowest priced PRP treatments in the area! Our PRP injections begin at just $500.

Learn more how platelet rich plasma and other therapies such as bone marrow derived stem cell therapy can help you by downloading our free e-book.  

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