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Stem Cell Therapy
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About Cellular Healing

Cellular Healing was formed in order to provide ethical and effective cell-based therapies using a comprehensive, holistic, shared-decision model. We only use methods backed by peer-reviewed published studies. We believe every patient is unique, and will match each patient's unique symptoms, physical findings, goals and social situations to a customized treatment plan.

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Why choose Cellular Healing?

We understand we're not the only option you have. Here are a few reasons that set us apart from some of your other options.
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With over 4,000 procedures under his belt, Dr. Loniewski has an unrivaled amount of experience, in addition to being one of the only physicians in Southeastern Michigan who instructs other physicians in the proper techniques of cell-based therapy.
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Dr. Loniewski has been performing PRP since 2005 and stem cell treatment since 2012. Over 82.5% of his stem cell patients have improved, with an average improvement of 50% or more in function and pain. Less than 10% of patients went on to receive joint replacement.
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We only offer therapies to patients who would truly benefit from treatment and have met specific criteria based on our stem cell questionnaire.
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We make cell-based therapies affordable, with PRP treatments starting at $500. We also have the lowest cost available for stem cell therapy, starting at just $2,750.
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Because no treatment is one-size-fits-all, we offer a variety of packages designed to suit each patient with an appropriate and highly individualized treatment plan.
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We are the only center in the area offering comprehensive treatment plans including gait analysis, nutritional supplementation, laser treatments, and whole body vibration treatments to improve patient outcomes.
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Dr. Loniewski offers alternatives to steroid and other common injections with safe and effective homeopathic injections and PRP injections. Homeopathic injections start at $300, and PRP at $500.
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Contact Cellular Healing

When you reach out to the team at Cellular Healing you're reaching out to a team of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and support staff. We see you as an individual with unique needs and want to be a partner in bringing you to wholeness.